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SADD & Teen Safe Driving Foundation

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Get the Facts on Teen Safe Driving
Car crashes are The #1 killer of teens. Taking too many young lives every year!
Do you realize we loose up to eight preventable teenage deaths a day!
It's a fact, new drivers even straight "A" students  or "the good kids", are more likely to be involved in a fatal crash due to driver inexperience.
The good news is that you can make a difference by getting involved with your teens driving.

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Tustin High Seat Belt Competition
All Clubs in school compete and race
creating awareness with peers!

Beckman High Fire Drill Style
Seat belt Races the time to Beat - 26 Seconds!!

Getting the Community Involved!
SADD Students from BHS and THS Marched in the 53rd Annual Tustin Tiller Days Parade  to promote Teen Safe Driving and Tustin Community Foundation  - helping over 50 educational programs.

Event Articles...

Car Wash Fundraiser Nov 24, 2012
SADD For Sandy  for Hurricane Victims Relief

In response to the needs for the familes that fell victim to Hurricane Sandy, a group of 25 students from the SADD clubs of Tustin, Foothill and Beckman high schools gathered at DCH Tustin Acura on Nov 24 to raise funds through their car washing effort. A total of $500 was raised.
Doubled by a matching pledge by Tustin Acura, they were able to donate $1,000 to the Red Cross. We are very proud of their altruistic spirit.
Go students!

 A perspective of the SADD Conference in Orlando

Representing DCH Tustin Acura at the SADD National Conference this year, Rochelle Shirkhanbaigi, Coordinator and Customer Relations Manger (photo: top, second from the right) stated, "
Attending the SADD conference for the first time, was a new experience for me in many ways. I've been to many conferences, and I'm not sure what I was expecting knowing it was arranged completely by students, but I have to say it was the best conference I've ever been to, and not just because we spent 5 hours at Universal Orlando.

We joined in with students as they went to different workshops, listened to speakers, Key note speakers, or spent time at the pool or other free time activities, basically busy from the moment we got up to the moment the we fell in to bed, but what truly astonished me most being with so many teen age students all in one hotel for nearly a week - was the comments. You tend to expect issues to arise with nearly 400 teenagers in one place, including a dance, trip to Orlando, and several outdoor activities being available to them, so when someone steps you aside and wants to speak with you about the group of students you're with, you can imagine what I was thinking.

To my amazement each time when other guests, hotel staff, management, shuttle drivers, and security would walk up to us and step us a side for a moment because they "simply have to tell us that they have never encountered a better behaved, more polite and helpful group of students that they have come across at their hotel", was truly an experience I can't even begin to explain, and what makes it even more incredible, we never received a single complaint while we were there.  

It is truly remarkable to watch and assist these students achieving awareness as it grows in the community with every meeting and event the students have. I've had many parents come up to me with amazement and gratitude during our activities, many stating the same exact sentence,"Thank you for doing this, it's really great that your company is supporting this, my child is now reminding me to be safer too!" Many never heard of SADD before our involvement which has been around for more than 25 years. I think what makes it such a huge difference is the fact that it is mostly run by students, held during their lunch hour, and not just about drugs and alcohol, thus making it an even larger impacting program for students.  

Students Against Destructive Decisions, or SADD for short, really is making a difference in young lives and creates awareness with students to their peers about preventable accidents and deaths, making good choices and doing what's right. I 'm truly proud to chosen to be a representative for DCH, in supporting these students, and to support such a remarkable program."

Sponsored from DCH Tustin Acura (bottom photo: Left to Right,
Kelsey Stumm of THS High School, J. D. Swancoat of BHS High School, Lauren Cohen of BHS High School, Janine Addison Advisor of BHS High School, Justin Taleisnik of BHS High School, Amanda Mcmahon of THS High School , Rochelle Shirkhanbaigi of DCH Tustin Acura)

In the Photo, second from the left, J.D. Swancoat President of Beckman High School's SADD Chapter had this to say about attending the S.A.D.D. National Conference for his second time.
"I had doubts that it would be as rewarding as my first meeting in Washington D.C. My doubts were swept away within the first hours in Orlando as I realized that Orlando was a different experience.  From the moment I arrived in Orlando's International Airport, I was greeted by some of the same smiling faces I had befriended in D.C. and some faces that I knew I would get to know by end of the week long conference.

The week began with relaxation as DCH was generous enough to send us a day early to get used to the time change and the new scene. I met students who shared the same values as I do from schools across California. We formed bonds that will enable us to make our chapters' events even more successful. The delegation DCH sent from New Jersey and New York arrived the next day. Once again I saw faces I had met from the year before and new ones too.

The conference reminded me why SADD is such a great organization and gave me new ideas on events that my SADD chapter could put on for the students of Beckman High School. It also allowed me to make connections with other SADD students so I can get suggestions from them. The conference I believe was one of the most impactful weeks of my life as it cemented my views on the issues that teens face each day.

DCH put on a pre-conference so we could review the hopes and wishes DCH had for the chapters they were sponsoring. This pre-conference solidified my views that DCH is a company that other private corporations should strive to be. From the salesmen in the dealerships to the President of the company there is one thing that you will find in each and every one of them. Passion. This passion is carried to the students from each chapter. This passion is why the DCH sponsored SADD chapters are so successful. I am so thankful that DCH sponsors Beckman High School's SADD chapter and I look forward to working with them this upcoming school year."

2010 SADD Outstanding Contribution Award

A Message from DCH's President about SADD


On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) recognized DCH Auto Group with the 2010 SADD Outstanding Contribution Award.  I was proud to accept this award on behalf of DCH.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our team members who have passionately worked with their local SADD chapters and their students trying to make a positive impact on the behavior of teens when they drive.  It is mainly because of their support, dedication and effort that earned us this award.


The Outstanding Contribution Award recognizes extraordinary accomplishment in advancing SADD's mission to protect young people from destructive decisions, including dangerous driving practices, alcohol and other drug use, violence, and other risky behaviors. SADD honored DCH Auto Group with this award in recognition of our visionary leadership and compassionate commitment to teens and safe driving.


In a press released issue by SADD, Penny Wells, Executive Director of SADD, stated, "DCH has set the bar high for companies who wish to invest in the communities in which their customers and employees live. DCH supports local students and their families by contributing their time, their ideas, their knowledge and experience as well as their finances. By so doing, they not only help protect our young people, but also set an example as our teens transition to young adulthood themselves. SADD is privileged to be in partnership with them."


This was my first SADD Conference.   I didn't know what to expect, although I had been told by so many people that  to fully understand the power of SADD, I needed to experience the energy, the enthusiasm and the passion that happens at conference.  I'm glad I did.  Today more than ever  I am convinced  that supporting SADD and supporting our students and the work they do in their schools, is the right decisions and investments for DCH. I encourage everyone to get involved and become an active part of this rewarding and meaningful cause.  


Our continued work with SADD and promoting teen safe driving through "Mindless Driving.  Keep It Out of Cars" will continue to raise awareness of the DCH name in the communities in which we live and work.  By living The DCH Way, and through the work we do in our communities, the DCH name grow to be known as the best place to buy and service a car, and as the respected and compassionate dealership of choice; the dealer group that takes an active interest in its community and the safety of teens.  This is a winning combination.


Thank you.  

George Liang
President, DCH Auto Group

DCH-SADD Rally 2010

Event held at DCH Tustin Acura on July 3, 2010 10 AM to 4 PM . Students from both schools sold advance tickets for car wash and drawing tickets for prizes including a Full Detail ($130 value) plus other valuable prizes, food, drinks, Coda's Kettle Korn, games and prizes.
Adults tried their best at a seat belt race and to see if they could beat the national average of 26 seconds for prizes. All proceeds supported BHS and THS SADD Clubs!

National Youth Traffic Safety Month 2010.

To support safer driving we did FREE 22-point safety inspection at DCH Tustin Acura during the months of May and June for the vehicles our teenagers are driving, any makes and models.
Those who joined in received a written evaluation of the vehicle upon completion. No repairs were required.
It was a great way for young drivers to experience a service visit and have their questions answered by a professional with no obligations or pressure. We still do this by request, call: 714-669-1188 or
click here to make an appointment.

Much Accomplished by SADD at BHS

Since its inception at the Middle of the 2008-2009 school years, the Beckman SADD chapter has been able to accomplish a great deal in a very short amount of time. Led by President JD Swancoat, Vice President Justin Taleisnik, Secretary McKenna Allen, and Treasurer Ryan Kim, the club has grown from a few members, to a club with over 100 registered members by the end of the 2010 school year.
With the aid of DCH Auto Group and Tustin Acura, the club has been extremely successful in achieving its goals, which are to promote safe decisions as well as safe driving to as many teens as possible. They offer us support in many ways, such as providing monetary aid, giving the club a location on which to hold events, alerting the club about upcoming possibilities to participate, and sponsoring trips to the National SADD conference, of which three SADD members from Beckman High School will be attending this summer.
The club has produced a plethora of both successful and entertaining events. With close connections to the ASB class, administration, and the activities director, SADD has been able to conduct outstanding events. The club has done many lunch rallies. Backed by lo
ud, energizing music, the club has done several activities to promote teen safety.
They've done things from passing out fliers the week before prom reminding students of the dangers of "risky decisions" to doing a "Safety Seat belt Challenge", in which Tustin Acura brought two Acura vehicles and the students were able to play a version of a "Fire Drill", except their goal was to switch seats and buckle up.
The club has helped sponsor a car wash with the Cheer team in order to raise funds for their club and their cause. They also participated in events such as the "Kite Challenge", in which Beckman SADD was able to get more than 300 signatures on a kite, each one signifying that student's pledge to safe and healthy decisions.

e were generously rewarded both a monetary prize and a root beer float party for the club's members, which the students loved." Stated J.D. Swancoat, President of BHS SADD Club.
The culmination of the club's year will be the attendance of select members of the club at the National SADD convention in Orlando, Florida. There, these members will gain more knowledge as for how they can forward both their club and their cause. They will also have the chance to spend the day with the President of DCH who is their sponsor, and meet the leaders of the SADD program and many student leaders for the movement of teen safety from across the country, and they hope to bring back many new experiences to their home SADD chapter.
By Justin Taleisnik, Beckman High School

What's Up with SADD at Tustin High School

On May 26, 2010, over two-hundred Tustin High School students watched in their school's newly-constructed Plaza as their peers participated in an exciting activity put on by the school's SADD club. The Plaza was filled with sounds of exuberant students taking part in an event which brought to light by the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS). NOYS has designated the month of May as National Youth Traffic Safety Month which focuses on the importance of teenage drivers operating their vehicles in a safe manner.

The main event of the day involved a series of relays in which students were competing against the clock to determine who would be able to safely fasten their seat belts in the cars that were provided by the club sponsor DCH Tustin Acura.
The event was an incredible success as hundreds of students signed pledges to drive responsibly, as they became acquainted with the mission of the SADD club. The fast and furious movement in and out of front and back seats of the car drew thunderous cheers and claps from the crowd.  A plethora of prizes were handed out during the event including SADD t-shirts, colorful candies, and coupons for free meals which were generously donated to the event by a local Carl's Jr. Restaurant.

The presidents of the Tustin High School SADD Club-Emily Goldstein and Amanda McMahon-are committed to exemplifying their roles as leaders of positive change on campus. With the support and encouragement of their faculty advisor-Kevin Trevithick, both presidents have been able to spread the SADD message to students all across their campus. During Red Ribbon Week, the club held an event in which over twenty Tustin High School students participated, with the ultimate message of the consequences of unsafe driving being conveyed through chalk drawings scattered all across campus. Former club president Alessandra Sanchez planned the event. Overall, it was a great illustration of the commitment of the SADD club.

What began as a club which was formed only a year ago by a few members who were actually committed to safe driving lifestyle, has become a group of nearly thirty students who have all agreed to set a positive example for their peers on campus and in the community at large to refrain from making destructive decisions. More than not drinking or taking drugs,
SADD club members pledge not to text, make phone calls, listen to loud music and do other distractive activities while driving.
BY: EMILY GOLDSTEIN, Tustin High School

DCH Auto Group Host Golf Tournament to Benefit SADD

DCH Auto Group recently held its 2010 West Coast Golf Tournament at North Ranch Country Club in Westlake Village, California.  The event raised $21,329 to benefit SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions).

In 2008, DCH Auto Group made a commitment to teen safe driving and launched "Mindless Driving.  Keep It Out of Cars."  The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness and challenge teen perceptions of the dangers faced on the road.  DCH also selected SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) as its non-profit partner for this initiative.

"One cornerstone of DCH Auto Group's support of SADD is its sponsorship of two students per school to attend the SADD National Conference," said Susan Scarola, President and CEO of DCH Auto Group.  "With the generous donations from those who attended the golf tournament, we can now sponsor additional students and faculty advisors from each school."

SADD National Conference participants attend motivational presentations, seminars, and activities aimed at exchanging new approaches and gathering ideas that they can share with their communities and develop into events for their local SADD chapters.  The conference also includes numerous workshops aimed at providing students and advisors with information about serious topics, such as underage drinking, teen violence and suicide, advocacy, driving safety, diversity, and bullying.

Student Shawn Alavi , Vice President of the Newbury Park High School SADD Chapter, said, "it was thanks to DCH that I was able to attend the SADD National Conference last year."  He added that the conference helped him to really learn about SADD, the dangers teens face with destructive decisions and embrace sobriety.

"Raising money at this event so that more teens can attend our national conference is another example of how tremendous a supporter DCH Auto Group has been of SADD," said Penny Wells, Executive Director of SADD.

Founded in 1981 as Students Against Drunk Driving, SADD is the largest student-run organization empowering young people to lead education and prevention initiatives in their schools and communities.  SADD's approach involves young people delivering messages to their peers through student run activities.

"Through our teen safe driving program and our sponsorship of SADD, we know we can help the young people of our communities stay safe and make positive decisions," said Shau-wai Lam, Chairman of DCH Auto Group.  "With the help of our munificent patrons at the golf outing, we are able to have that much more of an impact."

SADD Fund Raiser for Beckman High

In support of the national Teen Safe Driving Month, the  SADD Chapter at Beckman High School  held a cars wash fundraiser  at the parking lot of DCH Tustin Acura on Oct 10. Members of the Cheerleading Club also showed up in full force to help the event..

 A stream of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs began to crowd the driveway by 11 am and it was non-stop until the event lasted at 2:30. Robb Evans, one of the parents attending this event, said, "This is a fun and worthwhile event. I have never heard of SADD before this. I certainly feel how important it is for the students to realize safe driving is a responsible behavior for them. We really appreciate that DCH Tustin Acura is sponsoring this." This sentiment was echoed by many of the parents and school faculty members alike.

"Both the students and the adult volunteers did a great job! I am very impressed with the amount of efforts they put in and the quality of carwash they did", stated Rochelle Shirkhanbaigi, the event coordinator from Tustin Acura. " This was a great community event, all for a great cause", added Mr. Fresch, the faulty advisor of both clubs for BHS, who promised more activities to come to promote the teen safe driving at the school.

More photos and video will be posted to:

Date held: July 11, 2009 to July 15th, 2009      

Beckman High School and Tustin High School Students Meet in D.C. With Legislators about the Safety of Teen Drivers

Washington, D.C. - Student leaders from the Beckman High School and Tustin High School SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) chapters met with members of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate recently to discuss teen issues that affect teens ranging from the legal drinking age, to bullying in schools and traffic safety issues.
The legislative visit was the conclusion of the four-day 2009 SADD National Conference, which brought together over 500 youth and adults in Washington, D.C., July 12-15 to share best practices in educating their peers and promoting positive decision-making.
As part of the SADD National Conference, youth leaders from area high schools attended workshops aimed at providing students with information about topics critical to youth health and safety, such as underage drinking, teen violence and suicide, driving safety, diversity, and bullying. They participated in motivational activities and presentations aimed at exchanging new approaches and gathering ideas that they can now share with the community and develop into events for their SADD chapter.
Under the sponsorship of DCH Tustin Acura, two SADD chapters were formed at Beckman and Tustin High School this year. The student representatives - J.D. Swancoat , a sophomore at Beckman and Alessandria Sanchez, a senior at Tustin - along with their faculty advisor Kevin Trevithick, a teacher at Tustin High and several students from other high schools, were among the California contingency to this year's event.
A special focus of this year's conference was youth advocacy, and students learned about public policy and working with legislators to accomplish their goals. The conference is held in a different city each year to afford young people a new cultural experience. In Washington, D.C., this year, students were provided an opportunity to participant in a rally on Capitol Hill to promote youth health and safety issues.
The students were also given the opportunity to meet with their representatives to voice their concerns and ask for support for several pending and new legislative items aimed to protect teen lives. Representing the schools were
"We believe that it is the responsibility of our legislators to take action now to help protect the lives of the young people of our state and our nation" said Swancoat. "Too many avoidable tragedies occur too often and action is needed now."
These students advocated for more funding to be directed to teen safety and awareness while driving in the next Highway Bill. They also asked for consideration from Congressman Campbell and Senator Boxer to sponsor two bills. The first bill aims to prevent the legal drinking age from being reduced to 18. Of concern are the obvious risks that alcohol presents while driving, as well as the impact that alcohol can have on a young adult's brain. The second piece of legislation is a mandate for schools to have a bullying policy in effect or risk losing federal funding.
"SADD students from our school are dedicated to helping our peers make safe, positive decisions," said Sanchez, President of the Tustin High School SADD Chapter. "It was exciting to meet with other youth who share the same mission. We have learned a lot from each other."
Other activities co-sponsored by DCH Tustin Acura and its high school SADD chapters include Defensive Driving Training Courses held at the Toyota's Torrance campus this summer. The students who have just recently got their permits or driver's licenses had an opportunity to sit behind the wheels with a professional trainer to learn about the dos and don'ts of driving. Several functions are being planned in the coming semester for SADD, according to Swancoat and Sanchez. "We are really excited about this program, thanks to DCH Tustin Acura for giving us this opportunity. We are now going to have real competition between the two schools to see who is going to have highest membership in the coming year. We hope that more students could go to the SADD annual event next year. So we are going to work hard in our fundraisers".

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