Understand the Right Way to Test Your Car Battery

Being able to get an accurate reading on the power left in your car battery can help you avoid being stuck in a bad situation. Here's how to correctly test your car battery with a voltmeter.

The car ignition and the lights have to be turned off before you can safely test the battery. When you open the hood, check the battery terminals are clean. If corroded, use a wire brush to clean them and improve the contact points. The voltmeter has a red and black cable and clamp. Red goes to positive on your car battery, black to negative.

The voltmeter will show 12.4 if the battery is still in good shape. Any reading under 12.2 is a sign the battery isn't holding a charge any longer. If you don't have a voltmeter, come to our Acura parts shop and we will test your car battery and replace if it is failing.

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