Ignition Signs You Should Never Ignore

Car engines rely on the ignition and fuel systems to work properly. You might say the ignition is the most important part of a car, and there are several issues facing cars due to manufacturing defects in ignition switches and transponder keys. With a faulty ignition, you may get a car that will start initially but suddenly stall or you may find your car stalling while driving.

Ignitions can go bad due to worn out keys, broken keys, jammed switches, and faulty accessory links for when you want to keep the air conditioning on but turn off the engine. If you have an issue where the car starts but stops immediately, it may be an issue with your ignition's line to the fuel system.

Other issues may be causing your car to never start in the first place. A failing starter may allow you to turn your car on but not turn over the engine. Failing batteries may initially start the lights up on your dashboard but not be able to power your alternator. You should get your car checked through a professional auto service and repair dealership like DCH Tustin Acura if you feel there is an issue.

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