What is Brake Fluid?

Hydraulic-based and hydraulic-clutch brakes use brake fluid as their main method of transferring the force of your vehicle into pressure that will slow your vehicle down. Currently, the majority of brake fluids on the market are based off of a glycol ester. You will also find silicone-based and mineral oil options, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

The process of manufacturing brake fluid is very thoroughly monitored by a variety of organizations, such as the United States Department of Transportation. There are ratings placed on brake fluids so manufacturers and service centers know the type and quality of product that they are utilizing.

Brake fluid sometimes needs to be changed out of a vehicle in order for it to work properly. Sometimes when a brake job is completed, new brake fluid will be needed in order for the vehicle's brake system to work again. Stop by our Acura service center in Tustin, California for any brake service needs that you may have.

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