How to Stay Safe in a Roadside Emergency

No one wants to have a roadside emergency. However, being prepared for the worse can make the experience a little less harrowing. Make sure you have an emergency kit that includes jumper cables, batteries, a toolset, antifreeze, a flashlight, help sign or flares, first aid and kitty litter or sand for traction in the winter.

If you do have a breakdown, pull your vehicle as far off the road as possible. When a blowout occurs, it's okay to drive on the rim of the tire until you can get to a safe location. Place flare or other emergency indicators around your vehicle so that drivers can readily see it. Stay inside your vehicle if a stranger comes to help and ask them to call for help.

DCH Tustin Acura has additional information on how you can stay safe in an emergency. Stop by our friendly Acura sales location to learn more.



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