What is the Purpose of Taping Around the Headlights During a Headlight Restoration Process?

To answer a question about why to tape off areas outside an area being restored on your car, look at the reasons why you are restoring the part in the first place. The area is rusty, blemished, or lost its sheen. In the case of headlights, the polycarbonate lens has grown opaque and shows a yellow light when driving around town. So, you are restoring the part to a new condition by sanding the outer layer away.

Your use of sandpaper or other abrasive material scuffs paint, chrome or colored plastic surrounding ding the area thus compromising your original intent. Taping off the area, especially a headlight where vulnerable regions are exposed, maintains the integrity of the area surface.

At DCH Tustin Acura, we carry headlight restoration kits that include the necessary heavy tape and instructions on how to apply it.



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