How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Vehicle

Has your vehicle become the residence of rodents during the colder months of the year? It turns out that it's become more common as newer vehicles contain plant-based materials that attract the teeth of these animals.

One solution to the problem of rodents nesting in a vehicle's engine compartment that's been developed is capsaicin tape. This special kind of duct tape has been impregnated with the substance that makes hot peppers hot. Placing strips of this tape around the edges of your vehicle's underside can deter the bravest of rodent visitors.

Beyond building nests, rodents can cause damage to critical wiring and hoses under your car's hood. If you can't find a way to deter them, another strategy is to enclose wiring with protective wire meshes. If all else fails, stop by our service center here at DCH Tustin Acura for more ideas.



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