People want their cars to be safe, practical, and easy to use. So does the IIHS. That is why they have come up with several tests and evaluations to give cars ratings. One of these ratings evaluates how easy and safe a vehicle's car seat restraint system is. They call it the LATCH evaluation. We here at DCH Tustin Acura would like to inform you on how the LATCH evaluation is helping to makes car seats easier to install in your next vehicle.

The LATCH evaluation was created in 2015 to encourage manufacturers to make the lower anchors and tethers for child seats more accessible on their new vehicles. The vehicles are rated for each seating position. They are also rated for how easy it is to use the lower and tether anchor.

The team cares about your family's safety. That is why we are sharing this information with you. The easier it is for parents to install child seats properly, the better chance that the car seats will stay secured in the event of an accident.



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