What is the Advantage of Having an Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror?

Rearview mirror glare is recognized as one of many problems that cause automobile accidents. These mirrors are designed to clearly reflect to the driver any and all threats that arise behind the vehicle. The glare itself causes problems with eye adjustment to the dark and other functions.

The manual dimming option has been around for years. It allows the driver to adjust the rearview mirror to eliminate glare. However, such maneuvering of the mirror does not address the issue of clear vision after the adjustment for glare.

It is essential that a driver can see what is approaching from behind. The auto-dimming rearview mirror automatically dims the glare coming from behind and then adjust back to a clear field once the glare is gone. Come to DCH Tustin Acura today to have a new auto-dimming mirror installed in your vehicle.



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