Windshield wipers are more important than you may realize. Windshield wipers improve your visibility of the road by clearing your windshield during unfavorable weather, such as rain and snow. It is important to properly maintain and replace your windshield wiper blades promptly to prevent accidents.

To replace your vehicle's wiper blades, determine the size of the blades. Information regarding your windshield wipers can be found in your car's owner manual. Detach the old wiper blades by lifting the arm of the wiper away from the windshield.

Press the tab where the wiper blade and arm of the wiper meet on the underside of the wiper. Pull the arm in a downward motion while sliding the wiper blade off. Attach the new blade to the windshield wiper arm and pull it tightly to ensure the new wiper is secure. When the windshield wiper is secure, you will hear a single click sound. Slowly lower the arm of the wiper, then test them to see if they operate correctly.



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