Safety is very important today, and vehicles are now equipped with advanced safety features like blind-spot monitors. Our team at DCH Tustin Acura is eager to explain this great technology to you so you can get the most benefits possible. Stop and check out our vehicles and get information on blind-spot monitors and various other safety features.

Blind-spot monitors can help you reduce your risk of sustaining injuries from lane-involving crashes. The monitors watch the blind spot and monitor it for vehicles approaching in your blind spots. If a vehicle pops up, the monitor will send an alert to the side mirror, which in turn activates a light telling you that there is a potential danger in your blind spot. This safety feature can save lives.

Whether you want more information on blind-spot monitors or are in the market for a new vehicle, stop at our dealership in Tustin, CA. We’ll even set you up for a test drive in the vehicle of your choice.


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