Discover the Differences Between Oversteer and Understeer

At our dealership, we want to answer your common questions about the performance and terminology of your vehicle. Let's go over the differences between oversteer and understeer.

Oversteer - is when the driver causes the car to steer more than the steering wheel was turned. This is a common occurrence in cars that are front-wheel drive, as the front of the car has the control of power while the rear of the car easily loses traction.

Understeer - is when the wheels are turning but the car doesn't change direction. This most commonly happens with cars that are rear-wheel drive.

In both cases, this happens mostly because of an engine that is powerful enough to power the car out of control. If you want to go for a well-controlled drive in a great vehicle, come to DCH Tustin Acura, where we can help you out with that.



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