Many Tustin locals think that washing their cars is a just a matter of ensuring good overall aesthetics. Surprisingly, however, this important and often overlooked maintenance can both ensure the longevity of a vehicle and keep drivers and their passengers safe. At DCH Tustin Acura, we want to share two reasons why regular car washes should always be a priority.

Prevent Paint Damage and Corrosion

The most obvious benefit of regularly washing your vehicle is being able to keep it looking like new. However, letting dirt and other debris build up on your vehicle can increases the likelihood of paint damage. Not only does this diminish overall auto aesthetics, but it also makes your vehicle more susceptible to rust. This is all the more true in the wintertime when vehicles are consistently exposed to abrasive and potentially corrosive materials like road salt.

Ensure Good Visibility All of the Time

A thorough car cleaning will additionally ensure that all of your windows and exterior mirrors are streak and spot-free. This allows for better visibility and a greater ability to identify and quickly react to obstructions and other unexpected road conditions. To take advantage of our comprehensive line of car care services, come see us at DCH Tustin Acura today.



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