Every member of our team at DCH Tustin Acura want you to be an informed driver knowledgeable of good automotive maintenance. Part of good auto maintenance is knowing when to replace parts like belts and hoses. As small as the belts and hoses may be, they play an important role in keeping your vehicle running as smoothly as possible and not breaking down on the road. Here are some signs that your belts and hoses may need to be replaced.

• Belts and hoses looked worn or frayed
?• Belts or hoses are actually broken
• Fluids are leaking under the vehicle
• Engine backfires or dies
• AC or heating system is not working properly
• The vehicle doesn’t want to start.
?• Worn out teeth

Don’t wait until your vehicle actually breaks down before bringing it into the shop. Give us a jingle or come to our shop in Tustin and allow us to service your vehicle.


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