If you're looking to compile a roadside emergency kit to keep in the trunk of your vehicle, DCH Tustin Acura has some items we would like to recommend.
  • A variety of fluids would be beneficial. Coolant can fill your reservoir if your vehicle begins to overheat. Motor oil can top off a low reserve. Transmission fluid and windshield wiper fluids are also helpful.
  • Some items to have on hand for the winter include an ice scraper, an emergency blanket, non-perishable food items and kitty litter to help you get out of an icy spot.
  • A flashlight helps provide better vision at night.
  • Road flares alert others of your location.
  • An emergency radio and extra batteries can provide you with valuable information if your vehicle stalls.
  • Sunscreen can protect your skin if you have to abandon your vehicle and walk to receive help.


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