Your headlights are the main lights on the front of your vehicle that allow you to see and be seen. Headlight systems have a normal setting and a high beam setting for foggy, raining or snowing conditions.

Why are they important?

Your headlights are critical for evening driving. Also, you are legally required to have two working headlights. Without working headlights, you will not be able to see traffic and pedestrians ahead of you during the night and during poor weather.

Signs that your headlights wearing out?

If your headlights are becoming foggy or yellow, that means that your visibility will be reduced. Also, you should have your headlights replaced about every 90,000 miles.

Have your headlights serviced or replaced

?If your headlights are not working as they should be, schedule an appointment at our service department at DCH Tustin Acura. We can quickly service or replace your headlights at competitive prices.


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