Here at DCH Tustin Acura we receive questions daily about trend-forward tech features that hit the market annually. The feature of the day is the blind-spot monitor, an active safety feature worth noting. Here's how it works and why it's important.

Watching Your Back

Changing lanes with a vehicle in your blind spot is a recipe for a nasty collision. A blind-spot monitor uses sensors, radar, cameras or laser to monitor what's in your blind spot and issue alerts when a vehicle enters your blind spot. Sometime the alert happens as soon as a vehicle enters your blind spot. On other makes and models, the alert only sounds if you attempt to change lanes while there is an automobile in your blind spot.

Types of Blind-Spot Monitor Alerts

Alerts can be visual, audible or even tactile. Flashing lights in rearview and sideview mirrors are fairly common. So are audible alarms and vibrating driver's seats. It's estimated that use of blind-spot monitors can prevent thousands of lane-change crashes annually. It's a relief that this safety feature, once an option on upper trims, is fast becoming standard even on base trims.

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