It's a good idea to keep your car clean, all of it. And "all" includes the engine. Yes, the engine can become dirty as dirt can sneak under the hood. Don't worry, the steps for keeping an engine clean aren't too tricky. Just pick a day with nice weather and make sure the engine is cool before doing anything.

Covering electrical components is necessary for safety reasons and to reduce any potential damage. Spraying the engine with a degreasing formula and them scrub the dirt away. Rinsing the engine soon after to wash away the grime.

Replace any removed plastic covers, and let the engine dry. Research all steps thoroughly and ask a knowledgeable person for advice if you have any questions. Remember, safety first.

Stay on top of engine cleaning and all routine maintenance. Drivers in Tustin can have their car service at DCH Tustin Acura. Our maintenance team performs a wide range of work.


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