Fuel system service may not be required as often as you think, or your car may need it more frequently than you think. It all depends on how many miles you log daily, your driving habits and year-round driving conditions on roads in Tustin. Here's our DCH Tustin Acura team's quick rundown.

How to Tell When You Need Fuel System Service

Surprisingly, your vehicle owner's manual offers specific advice about what maintenance to get and when over the lifetime of your vehicle. The same manual is strangely silent on when to get fuel system service. Determining when to get service is something you have play by ear. When your car:

  • Shudders when idling
  • Accelerates slowly
  • Starts roughly
  • Loses power on uphill climbs
  • Loses power when towing
  • Has a slow engine response

It might be time for full fuel system service. What does the service entail?

Fuel System Service 101

Fuel system service is a lot simpler than it sounds. It merely means that our DCH Tustin Acura service techs have to give your car's fuel system a thorough cleaning. We:

  • Clean varnish from the throttle bottle and from the engine valves
  • Clean the fuel injectors
  • Change the fuel filter
  • Add fresh fuel additive


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