If you intend to perform windshield chip repairs with an over-the-counter DIY kit, how do you prepare your windshield? Much as our DCH Tustin Acura team would like for you to visit our service department, we understand that sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Here are the raw facts.

Preparing for DIY Windshield Chip Repairs

First, determine if DIY methods are even worth it. If you have more than three windshield chips or if you have any windshield chip that exceeds 6 inches in width or length, DIY windshield repairs won't help you. These types of chips call for windshield replacement. Chips shaped like stars (without air pockets), snakes or irregular objects also call for windshield replacement, which we're happy to complete at DCH Tustin Acura.

Before Windshield Chip Repairs

Wash and dry your windshield with water, mild dish detergent and a hair dryer. Alternatively, use acetone or lighter fluid. Both substances clean and dry glass effectively. Cover the chip with durable translucent tape, burnishing it with the back of a thumbnail to ensure adherence and a smooth, tight seal. Apply an over-the-counter epoxy or acrylic windshield chip repair according to manufacturer's directions.


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