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Not everyone has perfect credit. In fact, few people do, especially in the age of covid-19. Many have lost their jobs and have damaged credit through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, many car dealers tend to shy away from working with customers who have damaged credit. That often means that car buyers are forced to resort to resources that offer poor quality cars at higher interest rates.

At DCH Tustin Acura, we don't turn people away. Whether you hit a rough patch and have less that great credit, or you have no credit at all, DCH Acura has your back. We specialize in helping our neighbors in Tustin so you can get behind the wheel of a great new Acura.
The knowledgeable and caring staff of our Finance Center are trained to get you the best rates and can offer suggestions that may surprise you. You'll be treated with respect and as a member of our family. No matter what your transportation needs, DCH Tustin Acura is here for you. We'll work with you to arrange an auto loan or lease that works for you. 

Did you know ... keeping your old car does not re-establish your credit?
• With our approvals, the choice of car is yours.
• We often get people approved that other dealers have turned down. 

We'll show you how, just call us for more information.

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