What is the Purpose of Your Timing Belt?

Although most of us have heard of timing belts, many don’t know their importance. The timing belt controls the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft, and ultimately makes your car run. Regular maintenance on the timing belt is a necessity. Our technicians at DCH Tustin Acura can inspect your timing belt quickly and advise you accordingly.

Unfortunately, many drivers underestimate the importance of preventative maintenance, despite the dollars it can save in repair bills. Because the timing belt has the responsibility of keeping your vehicle running, it just makes good sense to make sure it’s always in top condition.

The cost of having your timing belt inspected and even replaced now is much less than what you’d pay if your vehicle broke down on the highway and you had to have your vehicle towed and then repaired. Stop by our Acura service center in Tustin, CA today or call and make an appointment.

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