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Apply For Financing

At DCH Tustin Acura, We Make Financing Your Vehicle a Simple Process

Affording a new or used car near Mission Viejo or Anaheim may be easier than you thought. At DCH Tustin Acura, we can reduce the financial burden of purchasing a vehicle through straightforward, low-stress financing.

We've hired a highly-qualified finance staff to help every customer secure a loan or lease that fits their budget. We'll crunch the numbers; we'll interpret the industry jargon. Before you know it, you'll drive away in the car you chose with a lease or loan that you can afford.

Should I Lease or Loan a Car?

The choice you make depends on your priorities.

If you want to own a vehicle long-term, drive it as much as you want, and possibly make modifications, a loan may be the better choice. While monthly payments are generally a bit higher, an auto loan near Costa Mesa and Orange County will give you full ownership of the vehicle.

Ownership is not a priority and you simply need an inexpensive new car to drive, a lease is a great option. Rather than owning the car, leasing near Riverside and Santa Ana is more like renting a car for a few years. Monthly payments are usually inexpensive compared to a loan, but the lease agreement typically includes a mileage limit and you'll have to give the car back or by it at the end of the lease term.

Will My Credit Score Keep Me from Qualifying for an Auto Loan?

Usually if you have any sort of credit, we can find a way to secure financing for your vehicle -- even if your credit is low. While a high credit score can certainly help, you get lower rates and payments, a low one doesn't automatically exempt you from getting a loan at all. Plus, we use a network of lenders to find loans for our customers. If one lender isn't willing to provide financing, another may be happy to take the business.

How Can I Pre-Qualify for an Auto Loan?

Pre-qualifying is simple with our online application. Take a few minutes to fill out the application with personal and professional information. We'll run a credit check and let you know what you qualify for.