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What do Acura Service & Maintenance Codes Mean

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Acura Maintenance Codes and What They Mean

Sometimes, you won't always know when your Acura needs maintenance. Thankfully, the Acura lineup provides a series of codes that inform you of basic service and maintenance needs that will keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. You might not always know what these codes stand for, but the service team here at DCH Tustin Acura is happy to help you understand and know what service appointment you need. Check out a breakdown of the codes down below and learn more about your Acura!

What Do the Acura Service and Maintenance Codes Mean?

The codes can be separated into main codes and sub codes, with each one expressing a different maintenance need. The main codes and maintenance needed are:

  • A - Replace engine oil
  • B - Replace engine oil, oil filter, inspect front and rear brakes, check parking brake adjustment, expiry date for tire repair kit, tie rod ends, steering gearbox, suspension components, driveshaft boots, brake hoses, fluid levels, exhaust system, fuel lines, and any other maintenance items specific to your Acura

Along with main codes, you might experience alerts that signify sub codes with more specific references to systems in your vehicle. These sub codes and the maintenance needed include:

  • 1 - Tire Rotation
  • 2 - Replace Air Cleaner Element, Dust, and Pollen Filer and Inspect Drive Belt
  • 3 - Replace Transmission Fluid
  • 4 - Replace Spark Plugs, Timing Belt, and Inspect Water Pump and Valve Clearance
  • 5 - Replace Engine Coolant
  • 6 - Replace Rear Differential Fluid
  • 7 - Replace Brake Fluid

If a Maintenance Minder Indicator does not appear more than 36 months after the display for item 7 is reset, change the brake fluid every 3 years.

Should any of these codes pop up, we recommend that you swing by our dealership or schedule an appointment online to get them taken care of!

What is the Main Difference Between Acura Service Codes A and B?

When you get a service message in your vehicle, the code that appears signifies that maintenance is due as well as indicating the type of service that is needed. The two main codes both involve replacing the engine oil, but with an "A", you only need to get oil replaced. If the code begins with a "B", you will need to get a more involved service that extends through multiple systems in your Acura. With a "B" code, you will need an oil change as well as have your brakes checked, all fluid levels checked, and a variety of other important systems. Knowing the difference between these two codes is important to know what you need to expect when scheduling service.

How Do You Stay On Top of Acura Maintenance Sub Codes?

When "maintenance needed" pops up on your Acura's dashboard, it can sometimes include a numerical portion that signifies a more specific need for your vehicle. Following these numbers closely, you can be sure that you get the service you need. From tire rotations to replacing the transmission fluid or engine coolant. It can even signify that your rear differential fluid needs to be replaced. As long as you stay aware of the needs of your Acura, you can ensure that it runs smoothly for many years to come.

Enjoy Expert Acura Service at DCH Tustin Acura

When it comes to the needs of your vehicle, staying aware of what main and sub codes mean can help us know what service to provide. This can shorten your vehicle's time at the dealership, meaning you can get back on the road in no time at all. We recommend that when your vehicle tells you that maintenance is needed, you give our team a call and schedule an appointment. We will verify the needs of your vehicle and provide the service needed to keep you enjoying the drive!