Shopping for a fuel-efficient vehicle is a great way to save money at the pump. Surprisingly, however, Tustin drivers can optimize these savings by simply altering their driving habits. At DCH Tustin Acura, we're excited to share two easy ways in which drivers can limit their spending at the pump by adopting fuel-efficient driving styles.

Take It Easy on the Gas Pedal

Driving at top speeds is the surest way to burn up a lot of unnecessary fuel. In area of high traffic, however, even driving at moderate speeds can be problematic if this means having to constantly toggle between the gas pedal and brake. Match your speed to the speed of the cars around you rather than trying to aggressively shorten your commute time. Keep in mind that every time you use your brake in stop-and-go traffic, forward momentum is unnecessarily wasted. Not only will this strategy save you money at the pump, but it can also limit wear and tear on your auto.

Keep Your Tires Well-Maintained

Driving on old, worn tires that have lost most of their tread will have a definite impact on fuel economy. So will having tires that are under-inflated. Excess wear and under-inflation increase resistance and make it necessary for your vehicle to both work harder and burn more gas. For additional tips on saving gas money or to check out our inventory of eco-friendly, fuel-efficient autos, come visit us at DCH Tustin Acura today.


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