**This program is exclusive to DCH Tustin Acura only.

We are happy to offer an exclusive customer rewards program to show our appreciation to our loyal customers who have put their trust in us and continuously use our facility to take care of their vehicle needs. 

   The details of the program:

  • Join today, you'll receive 2,000 sign-on bonus points
  • From now on, for every $10 you spend here, you'll get 100 award points.
  • Redeem your points for FREE services and discounts off vehicle purchases.
  • Your award points automatically accumulate every time you service your vehicle with us for both service and vehicle sales accounts simultaneously.
  • You may access your vehicle's service history and your reward account on-line.
  • Enhance the resale value of your vehicle by showing your service history to the prospective buyer.

Services or Purchases Redeemable by Your Awarded Points:
Please let your service consultant know you wish to redeem your points prior to service.

  •  Tire rotation and brake inspection   
  6,000 points
  •  Oil & filter change (most models, excludes NSX)
  10,000 points
  •  4 wheel balance 
  15,000 points
  •  $50 off any service    
10,000 points
  •  Oil & filter change (most models, excludes NSX)
 17,000 points
  •  Mini-detail 
 20,000 points
  •  4 wheel alignment
 25,000 point
  •  $100 off any service 
 20,000 points
  •  Full-detail
 40,000 points
  •  Additional $500 for your trade in
 35,000 points+

Ask our Sales Manager about additional VIP reward point inclusions.

VIP Rewards Customer Portal:

After a simple log-on, you may view your earned reward points as well as your past service records. You will also receive your quarterly statement in your email showing you the accumulative total reward dollars to date.

*This program is exclusive to 
DCH Tustin Acura only.